Tail-waggingly Good Training, with Tom

April will see more than the Easter Bunny (aka Dave) visiting Pawpounders!

We have a wealth of training courses coming up, all hosted by our master trainer Tom that have been designed to educate dog owners everywhere in different disciplines.

First up is the First Aid Level 2 course on 9th April, 11am-4pm £70.00

This is a great course if you want to ensure you know what to do, when and how if your dog is injured while out walking. Tom says: “Having a knowledge of dog first aid will enable any dog owner to be prepared and equipped for any of life’s dog emergencies whether out and about or on holiday.”

Puppy class, 23rd April | 6 weeks | £60

These classes are designed for puppies aged 12-22 weeks and offer training and socialisation skills in a small group environment. It’s a great way for your puppy to meet others at such a young age and will give them greater confidence, calmness and focus as they work their way through the course. Best of all you’ll be teaching all these concepts with fun games, so you won’t even know you and your pup are learning!

Recall class, 23rd April | 3 weeks | £75

It can be stressful, embarrassing and upsetting having a dog that does not come back when called, preferring to race off to play with other dogs or chase a squirrel, seemingly deaf to your calls.  ​In this class, reliable recall is an essential skill which will be taught and will allow your dog to have some freedom and for you to be able to relax and enjoy your dog’s company.  After all, dog walks are supposed to be fun!

Please do contact us for further information