Pounders Park

Welcome to Pounders Park! We have created a natural park for you to exercise your dog with total peace of mind. We have 2 spacious, fully-fenced fields where your dog can run and play in safety.



Pounders Park evolved from Pawpounders Dog Daycare Centre. When speaking with our clients we found that quite a few were unable to let their dog off the lead in local parks. Even if the regulations allowed off-lead exercise, the owners felt their dog might run away chasing after another dog – which we all know can easily happen! Recall training was also proving to be very frustrating in such a distracting environment. When we spoke to our local Council they added that there is tremendous public pressure to make some park areas dog-free.

As the UK dog population continues to grow each year, this is only going to become more of an issue. PawPounders upper field was already fully-fenced and had been used by several rescue centres to let their dogs have totally secure freedom. So, the idea was born – a private park designed specifically for the safety and enjoyment for dogs and their owners.



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Pounders Park is divided into the Upper Field and the Lower Field, both of which have winding paths and walkways cut into the grass. The walks are accessible to wheelchair users, mobility scooters, pushchairs and buggies. The walks are generally easy-going for most people who just want a gentle stroll. Check out the video on our homepage to take an aerial tour!

The principal is simple – visit our website and book the upper or lower field just like a tennis court! Then come down and have some fun in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside with a fully-fenced field all to yourself. We are now taking bookings online so it will be even easier!

If you want to know more please call or contact us and we will be happy to discuss this in more detail.

Buzzards Valley now open!

– Buzzards Valley Field 1 with agility equipment.

– Buzzards Valley Field 2 with Woodland Walk.

Buzzards Valley Field 1 with Agility Equipment:

Field 1 with Agility Equipment Hourly Rates 1 dog  – £10.32
Additional dog – £2.50 (Maximum of 6)

Book Field 1 with Agility Equipment Online

Buzzards Valley Field 2 with Woodland Walk:

Buzzards Valley Woodland Walk Hourly Rates 1 dog  – £15
Additional dog – £2.50 (Maximum of 6)

Book Buzzards Valley Field 2 Online

Follow the links below to book the fields at Pounders Park…


Upper Field:

The largest of all our fields allows you to walk at your leisure knowing that your dog can not escape.

Upper Field Hourly Rates 1 dog  – £12.37
Additional dog – £2.50 (Maximum of 6)

Book Upper Field Online

Lower Field:

As well as pathways, there is a picnic table for you to rest your legs while they run around freely and within sight at all times.

Lower Field Hourly Rates 1 dog  – £10.32
Additional dog – £2.50

Book Lower Field Online

Small Exercise Field:

3/4 of an acre with exercise area and apparatus.

At last we can say for definite that we are able to add another field for you to exercise safely in and this one has the added feature of a full set of agility equipment.

Agility Centre Hourly Rates 1 dog & Owner – £8.42
Additional dog – £2.50
Book an Instructor Please call the office to book an instructor

Book Agility Centre Online


Terms & Conditions

  • Your dog can be walked off the lead
  • Puppies from 8 weeks old are welcome
  • All dogs must wear their collars with and up to date ID tag and be micro chipped
  • If no payment is received Pounders Park reserves the right to refuse your dog
  • Pounders Park reserves the right to refuse any dog or owner who displays aggressive destructive or unreasonable behaviour
  • Pounders Park will not accept responsibility for the death, injury or illness of your dog. You are advised to insure your pet for all eventualities

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