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A Brief Overview

As a dog owner it is now much more important to now have a well-trained and socialised dog than ever before which is because of several reasons

1. There is a much larger population of dogs so they come into contact with each other far more

2. We take our dogs with us a lot more nowadays so they need to be comfortable with all situations

3. The recent dog laws have been greatly improved so there is more emphasis on the owner to have a well-behaved dog.

Now there is no one training system that will solve all this unfortunately as there are too many conditions and influencing factors. So please understand that the most important factor is you must get to understand your dog and what you want to get out of him or her.

Dog training is generally split into 2 main approaches

1. Pack Leader where you are the boss and set the rules and your dog is to follow your guidance.

2. Positive reinforcement where you reward good behaviour with treats and fuss.

We strongly believe that you must early on adopt the pack leader style so you set strict rules that must be followed (no jumping up, no excessive barking, no biting etc) then as things progress and they start to fall into line then the positive reinforcement comes in as you want then to reassure your dog they are doing well and following your rules and guidelines.

Remember dogs cannot discuss things like humans they are hardly able to communicate with other dogs, so we must keep things simple. If you’re a family with a dog it’s very important that there are no grey areas (things that are not clear to a dog) e.g. it’s no use telling off your dog for jumping on to the sofa if your wife doesn’t mind them doing that, do you all walk with a dog on a lead with it on only one side? If your right handed then the dog should always be on your left. So, it’s a good idea to set some ground rules in your household that you all stick to. Keep the commands all the same. A dog will only have a limited memory for words and commands so you all need to keep it simple.

Quite often when you call a dog it comes back but keeps its distance around 10 meters away, well its trying to read your body language and see if you’re in a good mood with it or not.

Imagine a Russian person talking to you well it’s unlikely that you would understand what he was actually saying but you will be able to see if he is happy, angry by their body language and that is what a dog is always doing to try and understand what you want from them. They do an unbelievably good job of understanding us and show so much passion in their efforts to understand us so show how happy you are with their progress.

Another important factor is don’t try and do too much it’s going to confuse them, try and keep a lesson to 10 minutes then let them have a rest or play ball with them.

Put yourself back at school trying to learn French, how much could you take in? I bet not much more than a few words at a time.

It won’t be long before that bond starts, that’s when they look at you for guidance

Remember you are their guardian as you do know what’s best, you know cars will kill them, metal is tougher than skin, fire will burn them, hot water will scold them. THEY DON’T how could they without trying it out they have no why of discussing these things it’s just trial and error.

Know what is also a very important factor is the food they are on, if your dog won’t sit still, its head darting about, endless energy so you can’t wear it out more than likely you have a food with too high a protein. So they will not be able to concentrate. Would your child do well at school if you gave them coca cola and sugar sandwiches before going to school, I very much doubt it and the school would be on the phone saying it’s impossible to get your child to sit still!!!

Hopefully this has given you a brief introduction to the basics of dog training. It’s not rocket science its common sense and remember dogs have not evolved much over thousands of years, they don’t have grippy fingers so they can open cans of food, they have not invented anything yet! although we have don’t think they will understand the merits of political correctness or why we haven’t left Brexit yet!!!!!


Now before I detail our different lessons and group sessions please understand this.

There is no best trainer in the world for every dog Cesar Milan could probably be the most successful dog trainer if it was judged on how mu h money he has made. But that’s not a gauge of how many dogs he successfully trained its just he marketed himself better than anyone else.

If you speak to people who compete at the top level of dog competitions they will always say “well I learnt a bit from him and then some from her and over the years I have come to use a mixture of technics that suit that particular dog.” They will also say if they have several dogs not all are trained the same way as they al have slightly different personalities and their own circumstances may have changed. There are too many possible variations to say only one way works, so have an open mind, read some books go on YouTube there is a wealth of information at our fingertips now a days.

We are going to have several seminars over the coming months where we will have brought in some guest speakers to talk about their views on dog ownership and I can promise you will learn so much from these people it will open your eyes to dog training and just owning a dog.

One last thing please remember dogs live very short lives so it is very important that you give them the best possible life you can and you are their guardian for life so if you were in that situation what would you want.

Love, good food, be fit, lots of exciting adventure, a broad look at life generally, warm cosy bed, treats and rewards for behaving well, and to mix with other dogs as they were pack animals.

Training Lessons

Puppy socialization classes are held 3 times a week and cost £17.50 per session

Generally between 7 to 12 dogs and this is held indoors at our training centre with an outdoor session on the AstroTurf if the weather is suitable

Times of sessions are as follows weds 12-2pm

Thurs 6-8pm

Sat 11-1pm

If enough demand then we would open on a Sunday 11-1pm

We can stream this to Facebook so you can see what your puppy gets up to

Basic introduction to training This is the Good citizens award scheme by the Kennel club

This is a series of 6 lessons every Saturday between 10am to Midday

Drinks and snacks included and generally will consist of 4 -8 dogs per group

Cost for 6 week course £150.00

1 to 1 basic obedience lessons which are booked through our office on 0121 308 6404 with at least 24 hrs notice and are at a suitable time with yourself and one of our instructors

Cost for each session which last around 1-1/2 hours £25

Problem solving any particular issues your dog has, excessive barking, jumping up, pulling on a lead, nipping and biting

Agility training this is a 1 to 1 lesson with one of our instructors for 1 hour and costs £25.00

Dealing with aggressive behaviour ( this must be discussed with Nick prior to booking call on 07780607575 ) and will last around 1 -1/2 hours and ranges between £55- 95 per session

Gun dog training ………………………………………………

Group walks in Sutton Park …………………………………..

General socializing in day care as an introduction lasting 2 hours…………..

Should you be looking for advice on buying a dog and which breed to choose

Then we offer a 2 hour session in our day care where we have around 90 breeds visiting us over an average month

Seminars which last around 4 hours and have 2 guest speakers and an opportunity to let an instructor to meet and work with your dog for around 30


Training Prices

Puppy socialisation class which is 1 and a half hours – £22.00

(Tues 12 – 1.30pm, Thurs 6 – 7.30pm, Sat 11 – 12.30pm)

Basic obedience group course 6 x 1.5 hrs x 6 lessons – £150.00

(Sat 10 – 11.30am)

1 to 1 lesson 1.5 hrs on general obedience or correcting an issue – £35.00

(Times available through the week but require 24 hrs notice)

Dealing with aggression again 1 to 1 but 2 hrs – £45.00 – £90.00

(Price varies on level of aggression and whether training takes place at your premises or ours)

Agility training 1 to 1 and 1 hr – £25.00

(Times available through week but require 24 hrs notice)

This gives a rough guide to training cost but we suggest you come in and let us assess your situation which is free and last around 45 mins then we can tailor a package around your requirements as we find its usually a combination of several lessons and some day care and possibly a home visit.

Please call 0121 308 6404 and ask for Nick or Dave to discuss your situation

We will also be holding seminars on Saturdays between 10 am and 3pm starting on 7th December which will comprise of several guest speakers from the dog industry and an opportunity to get an instructor to spend so time with you and your dog on a 1 to 1 basis. It includes hot drinks and sandwiches. I promise this will be brilliant value for money and you will come away from it thoroughly impressed on what you have learnt.

cost £65.00



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