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Third Field

Welcome to PawPounders

We are pleased to confirm we are now open again for daycare and all our services have returned to normal. We have introduced some precautions suggested by the Kennel Club to ensure social distancing is adhered to as a precaution for Covid 19. These include a double gate entry system so we don't actually come in contact with you, staff have sterile gloves and masks and we are washing dogs and wiping their coats down with approved dog wipes.Entrance gates are regularly disinfected and payment can be done by bacs or card machine if you prefer.

Anyone with a new puppy or a dog that has been unable to socialize during the lockdown may now join us as we are starting up new puppy classes and new introductions so please call and speak to us as I am very confident we can address any issues you may have that have arisen from the last few months somewhat peculiar lifestyles we have had to adhere to.

If your dog has started showing signs of separation anxiety due to not being able to socialise during lockdown please don't worry we have helped lots of clients out with this problem before Covid 19 was here and we will continue to do so again, Give us a call and ask to speak to Nick Sandra or David who can discuss this in more detail.

Pounders Park


Mon to Fri: 7.30am - 6.30pm
Sat: 8.30am - 1pm
Sun: Closed

Pounders Park (Secure field for hire)

Mon-Fri: First booking: 8am - Last booking 8pm
Sat: 8am - 9pm
Sun: 10am-9pm
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Pounders Park

One of the nation's largest dog day care centres!

Please read our new pricing information Welcome to PawPounders, one of the nation’s largest dog day care centres! Dogs have been enjoying the beautiful Staffordshire countryside with us here for almost a decade. Over the years we have become a trusted institution where owners can leave their dogs to enjoy company, care and the great outdoors with peace of mind. Next door is our sister business, Pounders Park, where dogs and owners can enjoy leash-free fun! We have two spacious, fully-fenced fields for hire. Have fun exploring the site to find out more about our great services!


Day Care
Our main purpose is the doggy day care. We have over 40 dogs a day and over 100 breeds attend.

We can help you teach your dog many commands such as sit, stay and bed.

Dog Wash
Every Saturday at Pawpounders by appointment, we do dog washing for both day care clients and non-clients.
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