Pawpounders travelling tips for the Bank Holiday

With the Bank Holiday weekend fast approaching, you may be planning a few days away, a week-long getaway or perhaps an adventure even further afield.

If you’re taking your dog with you, we applaud you and we’re sure that he/she will absolutely love the change of scene and routine just as much as yourself.

There are many benefits of taking your dog on holiday, some of which include:

  • Your dog gets to experience sights and sounds that are different than around home
  • You won’t miss them half as much
  • You know they are well taken care of because no one takes better care of them than you (and us here at Pawpounders, of course)
  • You get to spend quality time with them and will form a closer bond

But before you start getting all excited at the prospect of a long walk on the beach with your dog at your side, please remember that – to a certain degree – you have to work to their own agenda, too.

That means planning where you’re going to be going, how long you may have to leave your dog alone for, and what locations are and aren’t dog friendly, including beaches.

It could be that you have a nice restaurant booked but it doesn’t accept dogs, or you want to go on a family bike ride and you know your dog won’t be able to keep up the pace.

Preparation and forethought is key for their own wellbeing, and yours.

Leaving dogs in cars is never recommended – even on cooler days. But on warmer days (and it is promised to get warmer) they can dehydrate very quickly and develop heatstroke so do check out where you’re going in advance and make arrangements for additional care and help in the location you are in, if needed.

Holiday travelling tips:

  1. Be secure – no dogs should travel without a restraint in a vehicle, it is against the law. Therefore, make sure you have a crate or doggy safety belt.
  2. Check your pet insurance – if you’re going to take your pet overseas, you may need extra cover for any vet expenses.
  3. Be health-aware – research local vets near your destination, be up to date on vaccinations, and take a copy of their medical history and vaccination record in case of emergencies.
  4. Bring home comforts – a bed, blanket or favourite toy that smells of ‘home’, plus a spare collar and lead just case.
  5. Don’t forget dinner – dogs don’t always adapt to dietary changes as well as humans, so to avoid tummy troubles, bring food from home.
  6. Leaving dogs outside – with the recent increase in dog theft nationwide, don’t leave your dog tied up outside a newsagent or shop (even for a minute). It only takes seconds for dogs to be taken so ensure someone is with them all of the time.
  7. Friends – they are so important in our lives and if they volunteer to look after your dog make sure they are comfortable with doing so for the odd walk. But not for a long time, instead, ensure your dog is well looked after by licensed individuals or businesses.
  8. Enjoy your time – it’s a special time for all of you, now go away and enjoy it together.


We look forward to seeing you again on your return.