Our new off-lead park – all you need to know

We are thrilled and delighted to announce the opening of our second off-lead park in the West Midlands, from Monday 12 July, 2021.

The beautiful Woodland Walk and picturesque Meadow Walk fields are both located at Buzzards Valley, Drayton Basset and offer the very best of both worlds – a chance for you and your dog to exercise and explore together, as well as offering safe and secure fields exclusively for your own use.

The Woodland Walk field offers five beautiful acres, with a very special woodland area to walk through and explore, with natural pathways which are intertwined between each other.

Meadow Walk is a separate field that offers all the benefits of the Woodland walk, with areas for wildlife to flourish, and aromas from the nearby vines, but without the forest.

We know how difficult it can be to find a safe space to let your dog run free, Buzzards Valley offers just that – a secure space for you and your dog to exercise and be at one with nature.

Whether you fancy a catch up with friends or a family, or just a safe walk on your own, both of these areas offer the perfect environment to enjoy being in the great outdoors.

Furthermore, with a handy picnic bench to use, why not hire one of these fields and enjoy your own cuppa while your dog runs free?

Nick Parkinson, founder of Pawpounders and Pounders Park said: “Dog walking in public places comes with mixed emotions. Some people are happy to let their dog off the lead, while others are anxious because of their dog running off or because of dog theft, which is still rife.

“Buzzards Valley is a peaceful space for both you and your dog, set in the middle of vast countryside, it’s the perfect place to switch off and detach from busy life and really focus on the enjoyment of walking with your dog.”

Buzzards valley is located on the outskirts of Tamworth at Shirral Drive, Drayton Basset, Tamworth, B78 3EQ. Accessible by car with ample parking and a gated system, it’s a lovely safe space for you and your dog.

Bookings can be made on our website now with actual walks starting from 12th July. For booking please click here