New 6-month dog classes to lead the way

We are delighted to announce that, hot on the heels of our puppy training classes, we are pleased to announce that our six-month + classes are just starting up, with our expert trainers Tom and Karen.

Starting on 13 November for six weeks, there are two classes to choose from:

  1. Basic training
  2. Advanced training

Basic Training, 12-1pm | £180 for six weeks

To qualify for this class, your dog must be comfortable in a group environment and with other dogs and people. If your dog has reactive tendencies or becomes anxious in these situations, it may not be the right class – and our other forms of 1-1 training may be suitable instead.

The course will include:

  • social situation handling
  • Wait/sit
  • Leave it
  • Heelwork
  • Recall
  • Behaviour training

Advanced Training, 1-2pm | £200 for six weeks

This class is for dogs that have a good understanding of basic obedience and are able to perform the following commands with reliability and around distractions.

Sit – dogs must be capable of sitting on command with minimal prompting both in front and parallel to handler

Wait/stay – dogs must be able to hold a stationary position unrestrained while the handler moves away from the dog

Leave it – dogs must be able to resist a temptation placed within reach without being held by the handler

Heel – dogs must be controllable while on lead and be able to walk with the owner when required

Recall – dogs must be able to recall back towards the handler, away from mild distractions

The course will include:

  • Recall away from distractions
  • Advanced heelwork
  • Social interactions
  • Simulated real world scenarios

We’d love you to join us on this next leg of training – whichever class may be right for you.

See you soon.