Doggy Daycare Four Oaks – Mumford Case Study

We started using Pawpounders back in 2018 with our Working Cocker Spaniel, Mumford. At 18 weeks old, we soon realised that he needed other dog interaction; no matter how much attention we gave him in the house, he was, and still is a very playful dog. Upon finding that Pawpounders was practically on our doorstep, we made initial enquiries and popped along for a very informal assessment – Mumford went off exploring and didn’t even give us a backwards glance.

It was at this point I realised, this was exactly what we all needed! The facilities we secure and the staff genuinely care about the welfare of each and every dog. I was extremely nervous on his first day but he was well looked after by Dave who introduced him at a gentle pace, allowing Mumford not to be too overwhelmed.

Mumford absolutely loves his days at day-care and so do we – there is so much going on for him that he is exhausted at home time, demolishes his dinner and then heads to his comfy spot on the sofa to snore for the rest of the evening!

At pick-up time, Pawpounders will give updates on how he has been during the day but most recently helping us overcome Mumford’s separation anxiety and protectiveness created by the current pandemic due having us home at all times. I discussed what traits we had become aware of and Dave soon devised with a plan with what we need to do at home and how they were going to tackle the situation whilst in their care. This is still work in progress, but small steps – 2020 has been a crazy year for us all, including our much loved pets!

Pre pandemic, we used the home boarding service that Pawpounders provide, it’s his little holiday too! Mumford generally stays with Dave who gives me constant pup-dates with photos & funny videos, but the most important part to me is knowing he is safe.

Even though we have both been home more in 2020, Mumford still needs his time on his own to play with his friends and get lots of fuss from others; it gives me the chance to hoover the house in peace without him kicking off!