Diane Green

Think ‘Bonnie and Clyde’. Think ‘the Kray Twins’. In other words, my dogs are not pushovers. When they’re out and about they have a wide ranging repertoire of vices. They bark ferociously at other dogs, and hurl themselves at anything small and furry. Their hobbies are hunting and fighting. So it was with joy mixed with trepidation that I read Pawpounders’ website proposition and words like ‘socialisation’, ‘play’, ‘hanging out with other dogs’ leapt off the page. I never like to leave my dogs at home for too long either, so the prospect of freedom for me and a good time for my dogs was too good to miss. But were my dogs too far gone down the road to ruin to become nice guys? Well, I won’t pretend that they didn’t cause the Pawpounders staff some grief at first, but thanks to some nifty dog psychology, patience and controlled introductions to other dogs, my pair soon became part of the friendly Pawpounders ‘pack’. They’re always keen to go in through the gates in the morning because they know that a day of fun, good company, exercise and freedom lies ahead. And they’ve learnt to play with dogs of all shapes and sizes under the careful supervision of the staff whom they adore. Now doesn’t that sound better than being left at home with Radio 4 and a Bonio?