Can I come and have a look around PawPounders? Can I bring my dog?

Absolutely! We actually encourage this since it gives you a chance to meet our staff, introduce your dog and ask any questions you may have over a cup of tea. You will get a full guided tour of our premises and four acres of land including Pounders Park. Expect to be here for around an hour! We see all new clients on a Saturday between 9am and 2pm as this is our quietest time. This is free and there is no obligation or pressure to continue with us! Please make an appointment by phone (not email) on 0121 308 6404. Don’t forget to bring along your dog’s up-to-date vaccination certificate. We hope to see you soon!


Do you do ‘one off’ Daycare?

Yes! Roughly half of our customers are occasional customers. Perhaps you need to got to a wedding, funeral or just a day out – PawPounders can take care of your dog for the day. Please note that we will need plenty of notice so we can arrange meet your dog beforehand, and you will also need to provide a full vaccination certificate.


Can I bring my dog in for just a few hours?

Some of our existing customers do drop their dogs off for just two hours while they go shopping or to the hairdresser. This is easier once your dog has got to know PawPounders and we have got to know your dog!


What if I book my dog in and my day our is cancelled?

Don’t worry, you won’t lose your money! We don’t have any strict terms and conditions at PawPounders. If you need to cancel just call and your payment will go on as credit for the next time you need us, like a voucher system.


My dog has some behavioural issues. Can he/she still come to daycare?

Yes! While PawPounders does not take extremely aggressive dogs into daycare, we do work with dogs who may bark or have poor social skills. In fact, the majority of our clients have reported issues like this! We will work with you to try to overcome these problems. You will be amazed at how many testimonials we have explaining how we have helped dogs with behavioural issues such as these. If your dog does display aggressive tendencies we encourage you to take up one-to-one training with us. When that is completed he or she can join the daycare.


My dog isn’t neutered. Can he/she still use the daycare?

We do ask that al male dogs are neutered. If he isn’t neutered we may let him come and try out the daycare, but if he shows any mating or ‘humping’ behaviour he will have to be neutered to continue with us. We don’t require female dogs to be neutered since it does not affect their temperament, but if your female dog is not neutered she cannot come in whilst in season for obvious reasons!


Are there any types of dog you won’t take?

Unfortunately PawPounders cannot take on Akitas, Staffordshire Bull terriers, English Bull Terriers or any other dog that would be a risk to the other dogs since it is a fun and playful environment


How can I get a job at PawPounders?

There are job vacancies throughout the year. Feel free to send  your CV to:

Little Stables, Camp Road, Sutton Coldfield, B755QX


Don’t forget to include a brief explanation of why you are the right fit for PawPounders. Another way is to become a volunteer and help out for a few hours a week, in which case you will be first in line for any paid vacancies. Call Nick or Sandra on 0121 308 6404 for more details.


*Our Covid-19 Update*

Hello to all clients and other dog owners.

We have introduced stricter compliance of the Covid-19 rules to ensure we comply with Government regulations and that means we can offer you peace of mind here at Pawpounders. We are an outdoor business and all staff have been tested, plus we have secure gate entry system keeping us distanced from yourself. All dogs will by washed or at a minimum wiped with approved animal clinical wipes to ensure compliance. We witnessed, just after the last lock down, just how dogs have suffered by not being to be able to socialise and the fact they don’t get to discuss this only saw it as a punishment, unfortunately. Now these dogs have such a struggle learning to adapt socially and their owners get highly stressed and potentially start find owning a dog much more difficult than they thought.

Please respect our new enhanced compliance rules at our entrance and let us know by via our online booking system, email or texts if you would like to bring your dog to our Daycare Centre.

Tom our trainer will still be offering training lessons but only in a 1:1 basis ensuring compliance.

Our Secure off lead park will be open as normal as allows a very safe place to exercise your dog and complies with all lockdown rules.

I hope this explains our situation and our attitude to still providing a professional service.

Please contact us if you require any additional information.

Nick Parkinson
Founder and Managing Director.