Walk safely this winter

When your dog isn’t with us for day care, walking alone is a great way to connect, but with the dark mornings comes even darker nights – and sometimes, just sometimes it can be a challenge to motivate yourself to get out and about, even if you do get that ‘I want a walk’ look.

But as responsible dog owners, we all need to think about ways to keep ourselves and our dogs safe – and with thefts having risen to dramatic proportions during lockdown (and it’s continuing) we thought we’d reach out to a crime specialist for help and extra advice.

Super sleuth investigator and safety expert Alison Marsh has developed her own 1-1 safety workshops online specifically for dog walkers after successfully catching dog thieves in action during the pandemic.

She comments: “As a dog owner myself, it’s been a heart-breaking period of time to go through both with dog thefts and attacks on women.

“I’m hoping to educate more people over and above common sense about what they should and could be doing to stay safe via my 1-1 workshops.”

Alison goes on to say that if you are walking on your regular patch or route, there might be a tendency to drop your guard, but there are simple things you can do to keep safe, alert and visible.

She adds: “New technology is being created every year in the fight against dog thieves and everyday crime. From cameras to location trackers, there’s a range of equipment which could help protect your dog and you.

“Of course, the great thing with Pawpounders is that any worry and concern is removed because dogs are socialised and exercised for most of the day. But when you are out and about yourself and want that extra reassurance, my workshops are perfect and will give you added confidence and peace of mind.”

Workshops are just £49.00. To book please visit missaminvestigations