Hi, I am the owner and founder of Pawpounders, of which I am very proud to say is now in it’s 9th year!

 My background with dogs started when I used to accompany my father at the shooting club he belonged to, where I would help the beaters. I was fascinated by the gun dogs as they were so determined and focused in their working roles. They were totally dedicated to working with us.

 Although living and working with dogs all of my life, it was when I worked in Cape Town , South Africa, that my passion for dogs truly came to light. During my 6 year period on South Africa, I was lucky enough to work with some extremely talented dog handlers in the Police force and Army.

On returning to the UK, I helped set up a daycare center in Thornbury, whilst working on a barn conversion for a client who’s wife rescued ‘Flat coat retrievers’.  At this time, I was using my regular dog walker, who found she spent a lot of wasted time driving to walking locations, so I got them both together to discuss better alternatives, which allowed me to become their first regular customer.

5 years as their client gave me a very good insight to –

  • What does a client require from daycare?

A very good venue, that is safe, clean, and has plenty of space for exercise and interaction, backed up with proven procedures by truly caring and professional individuals.

  • What would the dogs want from daycare?

To meet and interact with other dogs, giving them mental stimulation. To go to a place that provides comfy areas to rest, warm areas when it’s cold, positive attention from humans, and most importantly…..lots of fun!

  • What do the staff need, to provide this level of care?

They need excellent, proven training modules and procedures, so they are working in a safe environment. PPE provisions to suit the weather conditions. An array of games and agility equipment, which provide animal and human interaction. Outside training from highly qualified dog handlers.

I can proudly say that we provide one of the best places in the UK for dog daycare, which has been achieved through striving to be the best, being supported by such a passionate and positive team of staff.

Please come along and have a look around free of charge with no obligation to use our services. I am sure we can put your mind at rest, whether you need full day care, or even just the occasional few hours whilst you attend to other things.