"(Pounders Park is) An amazing park where you can let your dogs run free. Our two dogs loved it as they don't go off lead often. The park is huge and all fenced properly. It is also very very clean. There are benches so you can sit down and clean water for the dogs. Will be coming here more often!"

- Dave Shone

"I took my 16 month beagle & 7 month cocker (to Pounders Park). They ran round the field for an hour and are now shattered! Well worth the price. All staff I spoke to both on the phone and in person were pleasant and helpful. It was great to be safe in the knowledge that the dogs could not escape."

- Rose Child

"Max and elsie are having the time of their lives. Absolutely brilliant secure place to let them have their run (Pounders Park) and a fab price too."

- Janice Dodds

"Cassie our beagle loves going and playing, running and chilling with all the dogs. Fantastic caring staff"

- Brenda Dolphin

"If my three greyhounds could talk, they would definitely rate Pounders Park 4 paws up! The secured enclosed big field gave us a worry-free feeling knowing they won't escape. We had an hour for ourselves and both humans and greyhounds enjoyed every minute of it. We are definitely coming back. And oh, the staff there were so friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended! Three happy greys = happy humans."

- Myrna Thornton

"Ruby and Sid had a fabulous time here today (at Pounders Park). An hour in their own field with no way to escape = happy owners and two very happy pooches. We will definitely be back."

- Emma Jacobs

"My 5 Flatcoated Retrievers are loving their walks in the upper field (Pounders Park). I know they can run to their hearts content, play in and out of the stream and race each other in a secure area. I don't have to worry about them at all. It's just great. Thanks to Nick and his lovely team."

- Mandy Romeo-Dieste

"This place is fantastic if you need somewhere safe and enclosed to walk your dog. I have 1 dog who can be reactive with other dogs, and my other dog has a very high prey drive. Pounders Park is fully fenced, so dogs can enjoy off lead play with peace of mind."

- Donna Brooks

"Had a brilliant day (at Pounders Park) giving little foster Dimi a good run off lead with the rest of the family. Lovely little touches with bench and little tracks and tubs of water. Well done Nick, Merry and Adam!"

- Theresa Gitner

"The dogs loved being able to run free and safely in your lovely big field (Pounders Park). The shelter came in handy too during a hail storm!"

- Jessika Ragett

"5 Stars, Absolutely Fantastic. Brilliant staff, outstanding outdoor and indoor facilities. The dogs are so well cared for. My rescue dog was clingy and anxious - I can't believe how calm and relaxed she is now. PawPounders is her favourite place. She can't wait to go and she always comes home a totally worn out, very happy, waggy and clean dog. Thank you PawPounders, I cannot recommend you enough to anyone who loves their dog.  "

- Tina Skidmore

"Just been for our first visit (to Pounders Park). Fantastic place and one tired dog - will definitely be back friendly staff as well."

- Rachel Steward

"I recently carried out 2 weeks of work experience at PawPounders and the dogs love it. They are treated amazingly well and get loads of exercise. As well as this, the staff are brilliant. They understand the dogs so well and all are very passionate about the care and treatment of the dogs making sure all their needs are catered for. My time at pawpounders means that I would strongly recommend it to all dog owners. I'm pretty sure the dogs prefer being there to being home and it was a lovely place to work."

- Brittany Harris

"Just took two of our rotties to have a good run round the field (Pounders Park). They loved it and were safe at all times. Lovely surroundings. Water and bowl in place. Well worth the money. Booked in the other two for Thursday and will be a regular visitor."

- Cathy Doughty

"Awesome. The team have really helped my nervous little girl to socialise...and they really care! Couldn't recommend enough."

- Rachel Barnett

"Pounders Park is a fantastic, safe, clean field and the staff are lovely."

- Sara McLellan

"PawPounders is fantastic. Jack my malamute/golden retriever loves being here one day a week. He can't wait to get there as we can't let him off the lead. It's good for him to go here as he gets a full days exercise."

- John Keen

"My dog Jessica goes every day and loves every minute! She always comes home clean and happy. She has bad hips and the extra exercise has helped so much."

- Yvonne V

"Fantastic facility, lovely staff, dogs love it! Thanks."

- Julie P

"My partner and I have been bringing our miniature Schnauzer, Monty, to Pawpounders for nearly 3 years and haven't a bad word to say about Nick and all of his team. The space available to all of the dogs is incredible and the fields are impeccably kept. Better more, there are bigger and better things added monthly! I could not endorse Pawpounders highly enough and the staff truly have the best wishes of your dog at heart."

- Fergus W

"Our dog goes everyday of the week to help build muscle on her hips. The service is exemplary."

- Peter V

"I could not ask for better care for my dog while I am at work. The staff at Pawpounders totally understand her needs, keeping her entertained and stimulated. There is great interaction with other dogs and acres of space to run around. I am jealous of the fun she has!"

- David G

"Pawpounders is a fantastic place to leave my dog (Jessica) while I am at work, good advice from nick and his staff. "

- Mick Holt

"Can I just say what a fantastic facility this is for any dog owner. Flynn is 10 months old and has been attending Pawpounders since he was 4 months old. The staff have been brilliant and attended to him appropriately through the months. I don’t know what we would have done without Pawpounders over the last 6 months when we needed to leave Flynn but wanted a safe happy environment for him. I would recommend this place to any dog owner that loves their dog !!!

- Tracey O’Connor

"To All the wonderful people at Paw Pounders, Heidi loves coming to you and running around with all the time. We came to Paw Pounders for the first time at the end of September, after we needed a safe and responsible place for Heidi to go when a friend from Holland was coming to visit us and we wanted to go to lots of different places, which unfortunately Heidi was unable to go with us. We were walking Heidi in the park and we just happened to be talking to another couple who recommended Paw Pounders so we decided to go and have a look around. We went on a Saturday as this was the best day due to their not being so many dogs. Heidi absolutely loves it! Running around and meeting all the other dogs her eyes lit up and that as they say is history! we have been using Paw Pounders ever since and both myself and my husband feel so comfortable taking Heidi there, unnerving on the first day just like a child’s first day at school, as she went through the gate, a quick glance back from Heidi and she was off with the handlers and other dogs !! I would highly recommend Pawpounders to anyone who is looking for somewhere they can leave their dog and not worry about them…..One of the best things is that Heidi always comes back so shattered that my husband and I can spend quality time together with the knowledge that she has had a wonderful day and is dreaming all sorts of amazing adventures from the day. Thank you Sarah and Andrew and Heidi of course!

- Sarah Lunney

"I own a 3 year old male Cocker Spaniel called Arthur. Who at 1 years old developed aggressive tendencies. Though slight at first, the gradually escalated, unit it became very stressful to take him out of the house. He approached every dog that he met as a challenge to his superiority, and would snarl and attack when unprovoked and would even begin to see men in this light too. I approached Pawpounders on recommendation, for advice on how best to turn this behaviour around.Initially we addressed how my behaviour was sending Arthur signals that forced him to believe it was his decision on how best to deal with anyone we met. I learnt how to let Arthur know that I am the alpha in our little pack of 2, so that he should look to me for how to behave. Also, we decided that it would be beneficial for Arthur to be forced to socialise with other dogs – something I was very nervous about. However, he now attends Pawpounders one morning a week where he effectively has joined a pack with strongly demonstrated codes of conduct. Under the leadership of the Pawpounders staff, he has found his place in the group, and behaves properly. This has effectively broke the escalation of his aggressive behaviour, which I would have not had the confidence to do on my own. Our problems are still not fixed, as he still constantly striving to be the aggressive little alpha dog that he things he should be, but with Pawpounders help, I now know how to lean him away from this behaviour and love others to help me with this process and boy is he tired on a Friday Afternoon!"

- Zoe Stairmand

"Think ‘Bonnie and Clyde’. Think ‘the Kray Twins’. In other words, my dogs are not pushovers. When they’re out and about they have a wide ranging repertoire of vices. They bark ferociously at other dogs, and hurl themselves at anything small and furry. Their hobbies are hunting and fighting. So it was with joy mixed with trepidation that I read Pawpounders’ website proposition and words like ‘socialisation’, ‘play’, ‘hanging out with other dogs’ leapt off the page. I never like to leave my dogs at home for too long either, so the prospect of freedom for me and a good time for my dogs was too good to miss. But were my dogs too far gone down the road to ruin to become nice guys? Well, I won’t pretend that they didn’t cause the Pawpounders staff some grief at first, but thanks to some nifty dog psychology, patience and controlled introductions to other dogs, my pair soon became part of the friendly Pawpounders ‘pack’. They’re always keen to go in through the gates in the morning because they know that a day of fun, good company, exercise and freedom lies ahead. And they’ve learnt to play with dogs of all shapes and sizes under the careful supervision of the staff whom they adore. Now doesn’t that sound better than being left at home with Radio 4 and a Bonio?"

- Diane Green