Puppy Play Centre


Welcome to our new Puppy Play centre, here at Pawpounders!
Situated near the entrance to Pounders Park secure walking fields on Camp road (see directions below) , we have a secure coded and gated car park, with a grooming parlour to boot!
The new Play centre will be used to give the smaller, younger and maybe more timid dogs a chance to socialise with other puppies and small breeds, without the worry of larger breeds being boisterous.
The play centre houses a guarded log fire, overhead heating above the open beds, and heated plates within the crates in the quiet area to help keep them warm during the colder days.
Managed by two qualified members of staff,  and overseen by a senior manager, you can rest assured that your puppy will be looked after correctly, whilst having fun with new friends!
Call or email us for more info!
Click the link below to find the location –