Sarah Lunney

To All the wonderful people at Paw Pounders, Heidi loves coming to you and running around with all the time. We came to Paw Pounders for the first time at the end of September, after we needed a safe and responsible place for Heidi to go when a friend from Holland was coming to visit us and we wanted to go to lots of different places, which unfortunately Heidi was unable to go with us. We were walking Heidi in the park and we just happened to be talking to another couple who recommended Paw Pounders so we decided to go and have a look around. We went on a Saturday as this was the best day due to their not being so many dogs. Heidi absolutely loves it! Running around and meeting all the other dogs her eyes lit up and that as they say is history! we have been using Paw Pounders ever since and both myself and my husband feel so comfortable taking Heidi there, unnerving on the first day just like a child’s first day at school, as she went through the gate, a quick glance back from Heidi and she was off with the handlers and other dogs !! I would highly recommend Pawpounders to anyone who is looking for somewhere they can leave their dog and not worry about them…..One of the best things is that Heidi always comes back so shattered that my husband and I can spend quality time together with the knowledge that she has had a wonderful day and is dreaming all sorts of amazing adventures from the day. Thank you Sarah and Andrew and Heidi of course!