• Have started taking our Dalmatian to Pawpounders - to say he loves it is an understatement. He cannot get enough..! Shout out to the incredibly friendly and professional team who have taken such great care of him with their personal approach getting to know him and his character personally (as well as getting to know us and giving us some amazing advice). He’s has great enrichment/stimulated and well exercised throughout the day resulting in a VERY happy, tired boy when he comes home. The glowing report at the end of day made us so so proud! 🥰♥️
  • A great and safe place to bring mine and my friends dogs to run around off the lead and just have fun whilst also working on recall training.
  • Great safe place for your dogs to run free. The majority of owners clean up after the dogs but if you're one of those reading this who doesn't, pawpounders would be better without your dogs left behinds.
  • My first time booking the lowerfield. Had an email which tell me the passcode to enter the place. Easy to locate and good spacious parking. Secure area all round. Basically you book for the whole field for an hour. My dog enjoys exploring. The lowerfield have plenty of room for her to run around. There are a few sitting table, dog bowls for water and bins for rubbish. The lowerfield have two selections and a small stream. My dog prefer to drink from the stream than clean water. I think the place is great for safe free run. You have the whole field by yourself. You wont need to worry about other dogs etc. I do find a lot of broken tennis balls and dog poos laying around. I have to pick up quite a lot as my silly dog will eat it. Shame that other users never bother to clean up their mess.
  • Update 2024, price gone up since my last visit, still a great place for off lead safe secure exercise, not sure £15 an hour for my 2 dogs is affordable for regular visits

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Little Stables, Sutton Coldfield B755QX
We are currently unable to offer work experience.
0121 308 6404
Mon-Fri: 7:30am-6:30pm
Sat: 8am-1:30pm
Camp Road, Sutton Coldfield, B755QX
0121 308 6404
If you have a complaint, please email us at info@pawpounders.com. We endeavour to reply within 3 working days.
Licence Number: 19/00302/ANIMAL
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