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Newsletter – December 2015

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Well, 2 weeks ago was our 7th anniversary of starting Pawpounders, although at times it seems longer than that!

We’re pleased to say that we shall be soon starting a webcam in January 2016, so you can log on and see your dogs enjoying themselves. We aim to have two periods during the day – 10:30am – 11:30am and then 2:00pm – 3:00pm.

This facility should also enable you to access our gallery of approximately 1500 photographs. Unfortunately, this does come at a cost; which we estimate will be between £5.50 – £7.50 per week. Any photos you want to download will cost 50p each.

We also have a GPS tracker collar that some of you may have already seen and used, which is proving very popular. It allows you to use Google Earth via our website, so you can actually see where your dog is and records their movements. Some of the livelier dogs have covered 40km and above.

The Tracker collar will need to be booked one week in advance due to its popularity. It costs £7.50 and the collar is put on around 9am and taken off at 4pm, when we can print out the results ready for you to collect with your dog.

Now, unfortunately some bad news concering our Daycare prices. We have, I’m sure you will agree, consistently kept out prices as low as possible for the last 7 years and have offered discounted prices to many of you.

As of 1st December 2015, we will be introducing a two tier pricing system. One in respect of payments made on the day, and the other where daycare is booked and paid for in advance.

Please remember that we have the largest area for dogs to play in the West Midlands, Staffords and Birmingham area. We have the the highest safety record in the UK – 0.01% of attendance, CCTV covering all areas and a higher staff per dog than our competitors.

We are the only company where your dogs is not required to wear a lead for the first three months; which is a condition of the licence for our nearest competitors, and we do not mislead people by saying “set in 5 acres”; which really means it’s on 1 acre within the 5 acres – which is the size of half our lower field. All the dogs set to go into the Park at least once a day, which means we now have over 12 acres (12 times as much space as our closest competitor).

We have the most experienced staff in our area, and if you haven’t seen our new refurbished interior, please ask to be shown around; it includes new bespoke resting areas – some fitted with underfloor heating and a very powerful log burner, so warmth during the colder months is not an issue at all.

We will provide high quality coats for all the dogs, no matter what size, so when they are out in the fields and it’s a nasty rainy cold day; they are catered for, and this means your dog’s coat won’t get worn out so quickly.

Under our canopy is a very large pod, which has underfloor heating, so even when not inside, they can rest on a lovely, heated run. They absolutely love it!

There are 3 other covered areas; so whilst out or on the way to the park, it suddenly pours down; the dogs can keep out of the rain until it stops.

A lot of you follow us on Facebook, which is run by Sandra. She is adding photos and videos nearly every day. If you haven’t seen your pooch on it – let us know; it’s hard remembering all of them.

Also, Nick has at last finished the car turntable, so instead of having to do a 3-point-turn, you can drive on; and after loading your dog into your car, one of the staff can whirl you round – and off you go! It makes it so easy, so drive on next time you come down.

Mark – who most of you have met – who works every Tuesday, is still offering training classes on Saturday morning between 9am and 1pm, so if there is some little issue that you would like to overcome, please speak to him and he will do his best to help.

Mark is currently training 2 imported working Dobermans – Otto from Slovenia, and Archie from Czech Republic. They will both be competing in an internationally recognised competition organised from Germany called Schutzland/IPO. It is a three-phased sport requiring the dog to excel in Obedience Tracking and Protection, designed to test the breed character, rather than looks.

Otto is 2-years-old, has already passed the BH temperament test, which all dogs wanting to compete must pass before taking part to compete for IPO1, IPO2 and IPO3. He will be taking part in his first trial soon and as he progresses, Mark will take him to the continent to compete. Archie is only 8-months-old and cannot compete until he is 15-months-old, but he is doing very well and was assessed by Fabrizio Coppola – world competitor at many dog sports – as excellent for his age.

We are also bringing back a popular weekend walk, that no doubt some of you remember. Yes – on the last Sunday in each month, starting at 9am from the Bistro at Blackroot Pool and lasting about an hour. It’s not often you get to go on a walk with lots of other dogs. People found it useful as it gives you a chance to let them off the lead, practise recall and of course, some socialising.

We hope to be joined by a local Dog Behaviourist, who can discuss any issues you may have with your own dogs. Then, we usually get a coffee back at the Bistro, before we go our own ways. It’s free and good fun, so please come along. The first one is Sunday 27th December. Hardtop Gate off Blackroot Road is the best way to get there. Please don’t be late, as we leave at 9am on the dot.

Our own park – Pounderspark, is doing well and several organisations and clubs use it regularly; like the Dogs for the Blind, and we now have the British Dog Sled team using it for practice. We hopefully have planning agreed now, for the entrance to be moved up to the top of Camp Road (there is a green container there at present), which will help relieve the pressure on our own modest car park.

Anyway, hopefully this has given you a good update on our current situation. There is only the prices left to show you (found here). Please understand that we have had to bring this in as our costs have risen, and it will make accounting far easier and allow booking the right number of staff each day. If you feel there is anything else we could provide as a service, or any suggestions – please contact Sandra or Nick when you are here next.


P.S – Note from Merry:

Thinking of your dog’s well-being, we continue to stock Natural Instincts Dog Food.

Working Dog contains approximately 80% raw meat, bone and offal; with minimum 20% added fruit and vegetables, Scottish salmon oil and sea kelp.

Pine Range is our complimentary food, ideal for those who like to make up their own recipes at home.

We also keep a small amount of cat food, happy to order for those who want regular orders.
Happy to deliver – free of charge, to those who live in a 5-mile radius; on orders over 10kg.

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