Pawpounders has been established for 9 years now and not only were we the first day care centre in the midlands but have now established ourselves as one of the UK's largest with over 90 breeds visiting us on a regular basis. Whether you need regular day care for your dog or just the odd day when you are planning a trip away or simply going shopping, we will be able to help. Day care is not only a safe place to leave your dog but we think of it as an 'Alton towers for dogs' with so much to do.

We mainly focus on dog socialising as it so hard to socialise your dog just by going for a walk and we know its an essential part of their lives as they originally were pack animals. Please don't think your dog has a few issues and wont fit in as most dogs who come here have had an issue or two which we helped solve. Our biggest compliment is “my dog no longer finds it a problem meeting other dogs” and many came in originally wearing a muzzle.

As well as Pawpounders offering daycare, we carry out one to one training, agility competitions, dog washing, and we board dogs at our own houses for regular uses of daycare. We also have a 16 acres of private park called Pounderspark which is a totally safe place for you to walk your dog off the lead and with no distractions like the public park. Our introductions are free and only last an hour so why not give us a call and arrange a good time to introduce you and your loved one.


Day Care
Our main purpose is the doggy day care. We have over 40 dogs a day and over 100 breeds attend.

We can help you teach your dog many commands such as sit, stay and bed.

Dog Wash
Every Saturday at Pawpounders by appointment, we do dog washing for both day care clients and non-clients.